How to transfer Excel to Word (73)

1. Use cursor  to select the excel  section to transfer.

2. Click Edit and then Copy

3. Open the word file that you want to contain the excel material.

4. Click Edit and select Paste Special.

5. A Paste Special box will open with a white space in the middle with six lines of material. Continue reading


How to open a Questionnaire in Word (59)

1. Download the file.

2. A small oblong should exist at the top left

3. Put the curser on the oblong and left click on this oblong and eight very small black oblongs should appear at the edges of the small oblong.

4. Right click with the curser on the small oblong and a menu should appear that includes “Worksheet  Object” with an arrow to the right.

5. Click  the arrow on the right and it shows three options. Continue reading

How to create a PDF Document from a Word Document. (42)

1. Highlight a set of notes (the selected notes).

2. Click Open (bottom right) and the highlighted notes will appear.

3. Click “File” (top left).  A menu opens.

4. Click “Save As” (the second item in the menu). The “Save As” page opens that has the name of a folder at the top and a list of files.

5. A panel at the bottom has “File name” and the name of the selected notes in the panel on the right.

Continue reading