How to design a Web Site with Thesis (66)

1. Open a web site in edit mode.

2. Go to the Dashboard and scroll down to Thesis.

3. Click Thesis and the sub section called “Site Options”.

4. A Page called – “Thesis Site Options” opens.

5. Click the tab at the top called – “Users Guide”. Continue reading


How to put the results of a game on to a Web Site (55)

1. Receive an email with an attachment. about results of bowls games

2. Download attachment and put into a folder called “Attachments”the issue

3. Attachments appears at the top of the downloads.

4. Click and a page opens with folder task on the side.

5. The right hand box shows Attachment A and Attachment B Continue reading

How to learn about adding Material to the Blackburn Bowls Club Web Site (77)


1. Only people classified as Users can use the following procedure.

2. At present (December 2011), the following have the status of Users as Editors – Lynda Edwards, Lou Geradts, Peter Gommers, and Pat Shaw.

3. Bill Morton and Ray Harman have the status of Administrator. Ray does not aim to make any entries into the site but simply act as a “standby” Administrator in case Bill Morton cannot act.

4. The Board or an Administrator could decide to add further Users. (See Procedure 3 – How to add/edit Users).

Collection of Procedures.

5. Start a new Folder called Procedures or Procedures – mainly WordPress.

Continue reading