How to use WordPress Forms (74)

Dashboard Options

1. The Dashboard shows “Forms” followed underneath by Edit Forms, New Forms, Entries, Settings, Import/Export, and Updates.

2. A click on Forms and a page called Edit Forms appears. Next to the Edit Forms a box in grey exists called – Add New

Edit a Form

3. The Edit Form page shows a list of all the existing forms.

4. Move the cursor to the name of a form and the following appears in blue – Edit, Preview, Entries, Notification, Duplicate, and Delete.

Create a new form

 5. Click on “add ne” and a new form page appears.. The top line shows Form Editor, Form Settings, Notification, Entries, and Preview. Continue reading


How to learn more about the Use of Contenta Converter. (41)

1. Open the Contenta Converter  (just called “Converter in the following procedure).

2. Use one of two options – (a) Click the icon twice or (b) Open all Programs and move to the Converter program.

3. Click the yellow help button at the bottom right.

4. This action opens a page called Quickstart.

5. It shows four points and a note about “Advanced Options.

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