How to add Material to a WordPress Page/Post. (2)

1. Note – some material will not copy satisfactorily on to a page. Where this problem occurs, it will prove necessary to convert the material to a jpg form and add through the Media Library. For “page” also read “post”

2. Use “Edit” to “Copy” the relevant material.

3. Open the appropriate web site in editing mode.

4. Click “Dashboard” – on the row close to the top – immediately above the start of the page.  It opens the Dashboard page that has a menu on the left.

5. Move down the menu and Click “Pages”. It opens a list of all the pages.

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How to add an image to a page – from four different Sources.(1)

1. Open the page/post into which to insert an image.

2. Select the area into which to insert the image

3. Click the “Add image” icon that exists immediately after the words “Upload/Insert”.

4. A white page opens with the heading – “Add media files from your computer”

5. Above this heading, the following four tabs exists – From Computer, From URL, Gallery (plus a number in brackets), and Media Library.

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How to obtain entrance to – Edit a WordPress Page/Post of the Blackburn Bowls Club. (11)

1. Click to obtain entrance to the web site. (This link exists for information only. All sites have two forms. One does NOT allow making changes to the site. The other form does allow editing. The one that allows editing occurs as the next link.

2. Click and a page opens.

3. The page has the heading “WordPress” with a large panel underneath.  This panel has two smaller panels. The first one “requests” a “Username”; the second a Password.

4 When adding a new User, the Administrator of the site requests the new User to select a password and send to the Administrator. The Administrator chooses a User name.

4. The correct entry in each of these two panels opens the site in editing mode.

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How to make a LInk to a Page/Post – in a Different Site. (9)

1. Open a web site in edit mode.

2. Go to the page/post to which a link desired,

3. Copy the web site location – the material that follows “http//” in the permalink material immediately below the name of the post/page.

4. Example – http:// of the page) _id=13.

5. Paste this material wherever desired. As an example, it could go into an email.

How to makea Link to a Page/Post – within a Site. (8)

1. Open a web site in the form that allows editing.

2. Click on “Dashboard” in the row immediately above the name of the site.

3. The Dashboard page opens. It has a menu on the left column.

4. Click “Pages” in the menu. A list of all the pages shows. The page has the heading – “Pages”. For all “pages” in this procedure read “posts” as well.

5. Open the page (Page A) to which a link desired. (e.g. Home).

6. Move the cursor to this page and the following appears – Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, and View.

7. Click “Edit” to make changes to the page.

8. Select, by curser, the Permalinks (the URL) that exists in the row immediately below the name of the page.

9. Use Edit to copy the selected Permalink.

10. Click Pages on the menu. As before, the list of pages opens.

11. Open the page (Page B) to which the link. desired. Click “Edit” (See Paragraph 7 above.)

12. Select the text (by using the curser) on which to place the link (e.g. the words – “Go to Home”)

13. Click the link button in the second row just to the right of the middle. A link page opens.

14. At the top it shows – Link Info, Target, Upload, and Advanced.

15. Click “Click on Link Info” on the top row.

16. A panel opens called “Link Type” with a menu of three options.  Select “URL”.

17. The next row shows “Protocol”. It has a panel below it with a menu of 5 options. Select “http//: “.

18. A panel on the right with URL above it exists.  The menu allows the insertion of a URL.

19. Use “Edit” to paste in the panel the Permalink (URL) copied.  See paragraph 9 above.

20. Click the OK button at the bottom of the page and the selected page (Page B) appears.

21. Click “Save” in the top row and to the left.  Wait about ten seconds for the operation of saving to occur. (See the panel at the top of the page that shows action.)

22. Sometimes a panel called “Are you sure?” opens. If so, click “Leave Page”.

23. The operation of save occurs again?

24. Click “View Page” in the row immediately below the page name at the top of the material.

25. Go to the text that relates to the link and click.

26.  Check that the appropriate page (Page A) opens.

How to add a File from the Media Library on to a Page/Post. (5)

1. Open a site in the edit mode.

2. Go to the Dashboard.

3. Click Pages. A list of pages opens. For all these instructions “pages” include “posts”

4. Scroll down the list until the page appears into which to add the file (image).

5. The words – Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, and View appear underneath the name of the page.

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