How to make a Link to a PDF Page/File (10)

1. Note – Use a PDF file, a non-pdf file will not allow the making of a link using this procedure.

2. Open a web site in the form that allows editing.

3. Click on “Dashboard” in the row immediately above the name of the site.

4. Select the page that will contain the desired link.

5. Highlight the line of text to make into a link.

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How to make a Link to a Page/Post – in a different Site. (9)

1. Open a web site in edit mode.

2. Go to the page/post to which a link desired,

3. Copy the web site location – the material that follows “http//” in the permalink material immediately below the name of the post/page.

4. Example – http:// of the page) _id=13.

5. Paste this material wherever desired. As an example, it could go into an email.

How to make a Link to a Page – within a Site. (8)

1. Open a web site in the form that allows editing.

2. Click on “Dashboard” in the row immediately above the name of the site.

3. The Dashboard page opens. It has a menu on the left column.

4. Click “Pages” in the menu. A list of all the pages shows. The page has the heading – “Pages”.

5. Open the page (Page A) to which a link desired. (e.g. Home).

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How to make a Drop-Down Menu on Thesis. (6)

1. Open a WordPress site that uses Thesis.

2. Click “Dashboard” at the top left. The Dashboard page opens with a menu on the left.

3. Go down the menu and click on the small down arrow on the right of “Appearance” that exists near the bottom of the menu.

4. A menu appears that shows – Themes, Widgets, Menus, and Editor.

5. However, when opening Dashboard, the details of the Appearance menu may already show.

6. Click “Menus” and a page called “Menus” opens.

7. The second column from the left shows the heading “Menus”. It has four sections called – Theme Locations, Custom Links, Pages, and Categories.

8. The page section shows the following three options on the next row – Most Recent, View All, and Search.

9. Most recent shows a list of the most recent pages added to the site. View All shows all the pages.

10. Search opens a panel that allows the entry of a page name to find that page.

11. The third column shows the heading “Nav menu”.  It shows a series of panels with the name of a page in each panel. Select a page (Page B) to appear in a drop-down menu.

12. Place the cursor in the panel and drag the panel to an appropriate location – immediately below Page A that will actually show in the list of pages in the actual site. Place the cursor on the panel of Page B and move about an inch to the right.

13. Click either of the “Save Menu” panels that exist on the far right of the page at the top and the bottom of the page.  This action will make Page B appear below Page A on the actual site provided a User moves the cursor over Page A.

14. Open the actual site to check that the drop-down menu exists.

15. Note a drop-down menu can have many pages below the main page.

 Add a New Page to the Menu.

16. Click the box of the page section to add – IF a new page to add

17. Click “Add to Menu” a panel that exists at the bottom right. It should now appear on the menu on the right.

18, View all the pages on the menu.  Drag any page (e.g. Page B) that should exist below another page (Page A).

19. Go to the actual site and find Page A.

20. Move the cursor over Page A. A drop-down menu will appear that shows Page B below Page A.