How to add a JPG file (attached to an email) to the Media Library (16)

1. Open the email.

2. Check that the attachment  rates as a jpg file.  Possibly the Sender has stated that it does fit into this class.

3. Click “Download” – underneath the image usually.

4. A panel called “Download 1 attachment” opens.

5. A smaller panel in the middle shows the name of the file (e.g. Teams Round 40001.jpg). Thus, it shows that the file does rate as a jpg one.

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How to add a jpg or jpeg File to the Media Library. (13)

1. Open a site in the editing mode.

2. In the Dashboard menu, highlight “Add New Media”

3. The “upload New Media” page appears.

4. This page has two options – (a) Flash Uploader and (b) Browse Uploader.

5. Whichever page opens, the other options appears in the words below the heading

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