How to use JIng – and install it (46)

1. Jing helps Users to select an image (e.g.  a diagram), copy it, and place it in the Media Library of a site.

2. The installation of Jing (see details at the end) allows the placement of a yellow circle at the very top of all pages and a very small yellow orb at the bottom right with other very small icons.

3. Users have the option of deleting the larger orb at the top of the page and just leaving the very small orb as the method of opening Jing.

4. A left click on the top orb opens three slightly smaller orbs with lines connecting them to the top orb.

5. From left to right the three smaller orbs have icons and names. The left orb has a large cross or plus and the name “capture (which shows on a rollover of the orb.) The middle orb has two pages overlapping each other and the name “History”.  The third orb has the icon of two overlapping cogs and the name “More”

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