How to store an Image that increases in Size when clicked (69)

1. Mark the image in the Media Library as an Attachment.

2. This action places the image in a post as a smaller size.

3. Click it to view the larger perspective of the Image


How to add an image to a page – from four different Sources.(1)

1. Open the page/post into which to insert an image.

2. Select the area into which to insert the image

3. Click the “Add image” icon that exists immediately after the words “Upload/Insert”.

4. A white page opens with the heading – “Add media files from your computer”

5. Above this heading, the following four tabs exists – From Computer, From URL, Gallery (plus a number in brackets), and Media Library.

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How to add an Image to the Media Library. (15)

1. Open a site in the editing mode.

2. Go to the Dashboard menu and go down to Media.  Click “Add New”.

3. A page called “Upload New Media “opens.  The page will open in one of two different forms – Form One – Browser Uploader or Form Two – Flash Uploader.

4. The new WordPress version (3.3) offers a faster method.  Ignore the next two forms (approaches) and go to the section called Form Three (paragraph 29).

Form One – Browser upload.

5. A page called Upload New Media opens.

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How to add a File from the Media Library on to a Page/Post. (5)

1. Open a site in the edit mode.

2. Go to the Dashboard.

3. Click Pages. A list of pages opens. For all these instructions “pages” include “posts”

4. Scroll down the list until the page appears into which to add the file (image).

5. The words – Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, and View appear underneath the name of the page.

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