How to name an Email and a File to make them easy to find (76)

When sending an email , please use the following for (a) the name of the email AND (b) the name of the file.

This procedure makes it easier to locate the file and avoids having to re-name the file.

Use UPPER CASE for each part of the name.

1. Select one of (a) SIDES or (b) RESULTS .  .

2. Enter the class of game – (a) SATURDAY, (b) TUESDAY, or (c) NIGHT PENNANT.

3. Enter the date using the MONTH followed by the DAY – (e.g. NOV 29)

4. Enter the ROUND NO.

5 Place a space, a hyphen, and a space between 1 and 2, 2 and 3, and 3 and 4.

Example (a) SIDES – SATURDAY – NOV 26 – ROUND 9


How to create a PDF file (61)



1. Highlight a set of notes .


2. Click Open  (bottom right).


3. Click “File” (top left).  A menu opens .


4. Click “Save as” and …….


5. A panel at the bottom has “File Name” and the name of the notes in the the panel on the right.


6. The next panel underneath has the words on the left of the panel – “Save as type”

And a menu arrow on the right of the panel.


7. Use the arrow to move down the menu until “PDF” appears.


8. Highlight “PDF” and the page shows optomise at the bottom.


9. Choose the middle option that states “Bitmap textwhen … may not be embedded.


10. Click “OK” at the bottom


11. Click “Save”.


12. Click file and go to the name of the material it should have the name of the notes with a pdf icon on the left of the notes.






To add

How to add a JPG file (attached to an email) to the Media Library (16)

1. Open the email.

2. Check that the attachment  rates as a jpg file.  Possibly the Sender has stated that it does fit into this class.

3. Click “Download” – underneath the image usually.

4. A panel called “Download 1 attachment” opens.

5. A smaller panel in the middle shows the name of the file (e.g. Teams Round 40001.jpg). Thus, it shows that the file does rate as a jpg one.

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How to make a LInk to a pdf File. (10)

1. Note – Use a PDF file, a non-pdf file will not allow the making of a link using this procedure.

2. Open a web site in the form that allows editing.

3. Click on “Dashboard” in the row immediately above the name of the site.

4. Select the page that will contain the desired link.

5. Highlight the line of text to make into a link.

6. Click the link icon in the middle row. This action opens a panel called “link” with four options

7. Click the “Upload” option. This action opens a link panel. The panel now changes so that it now shows “Upload” with an empty panel below this word and “Browse “on the right.

8. Click Browse and it opens all the Computer’s folders and files.

9. Highlight the desired PDF file for a link. right  click the highlighted file and a menu opens.

10. Click the second option – “Open with Adobe Reader X” and the desired file opens.

11. Click “X” at the top right of the window (not the higher X). A file upload page opens with the desired file still highlighted.

12. Then the link page opens. The upload panel shows a detailed reference to the selected file with a blue panel underneath with the words “Send it to the Server”.

13. Click “Send it to the Server” and, after a few seconds, it changes to “Browse Server” in blue.

14. Click “OK” at the bottom and the original page opens.

15. Click the “Save” icon and that action open a panel called – “Are you sure?”

16. Click “Leave Page” that shows in the middle bottom of this panel.

17. This action produces the saving of the material and a panel in the second row from the top will show action and finish with the words “Edit Page” followed by the first part of the name of the page.

18. Click “View Page” that exists on the far right in the row that follows the name of the page.

19. Hold down the control key and click the link words.

20. If the link correctly established, the desired page will open.

How to add a File from the Media Library on to a Page/Post. (5)

1. Open a site in the edit mode.

2. Go to the Dashboard.

3. Click Pages. A list of pages opens. For all these instructions “pages” include “posts”

4. Scroll down the list until the page appears into which to add the file (image).

5. The words – Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, and View appear underneath the name of the page.

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