A List of Procedures (to 87)

1. How to add an Image to a page – from four different Sources.

2. How to add Material to a WordPress page.

3. How to add or edit,Users.

4. How to create a link to the heading of a set of notes.

5. How to add a File from the Media Library on to a page.

6. How to make a drop-down menu in Thesis.

7. How to make a link to a File.

8. How to make a link to a page – within a Site.

9. How to make a link to a page – in a different Site.

10. How to make a link to a PDF page.

11. How to obtain entrance to the Blackburn Bowls Club – Edit a WordPress page.

12. How to change a Password.

13. How to add a JPG or JPEG file to the Media Library.

14. How to add a PDF  file (attached to an Email) to the Media Library.

15. How to add an Image to the Media Library.

16. How to add a JPG File (attached to an email) to the Media Library.

17. How to add a Form to a page.

18. How to learn about adding material to a web Site.

19. How to design a web Site with Thesis.

19. How to change a Page to a Post in WordPress.com

20. How to remove pages/posts from a Site.

21. How to transfer Excel to Word.

40. How to install Ghostscript (found in Converta Converter).

41. How to learn more about the use of Contenta Converter.

42. How to create a PDF document from a Word document.

43. How to give feedback on Procedures.

44.How to remove the Photo (Image) from the top of a Site.

45. How to scan to produce a page with no spacing.

46. How to use Jing.

47. How to add “Back to top of page” instructions to a post

48 How to change the order of Posts

49 How to remove Cookies and Caiches

50 How to create a child

51 How to scan documents and produce an Image

52 How to alter the range of the Vertical Axis in a Chart

53 How to remove underlining from a document

54 A Procedure for processing Hirings

55 How to put the result of a game on to a ste

57 How do I check my email in my Web Browser

58 How to change the Colour of various aspects of posts/pages in a Web Site.

59 How to open a Questionnaire in Word

60 How to get into the Union Theatre Information Site

61 How to create a PDF file

62 How to deal with an attachment and convert to a JPG file

63 How to restore the Toolbar at the top of the page headed – Yahoo7 – Mozilla Firefox

64 How to create Forms

65 How to open a PDFdocument

66 How to design a web site with Thesis

67 How to load Images (Pictures) into the Computer

68 How to play DVDs

69 How to store an Image that increases in Size when clicked

70 How to scan documents

71 How to send the recording of a game to another Person

72 How to transfer a Picture into a Folder ( ? = 67)

73 How to transfer Excel to Word

74 How to use WordPress Forms

75 How to mae a file conversion page into a readable document

76 How to name an Email and a File to make them easy to find

77 How to learn about adding material to the Blackburn Bowls Club

78 How to send a completed Questionnaire

79 Some Information about Site and Design Options

80 Some Ideas to help Form Notification

81 How to test if Hyperlinks work

82 How to transfer a Folder to a USP stick

83 How to transfer a Page from the Original Web Site to WordPress

84 Some Details about the untitled OmniPage Document

85 How to publish Material

86 How to scan, copy, and insert a file into a Post – using Omni 18

87 How to compress and Decompromess Folders and Files

88 Problems with launching Omni 18

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