Some Information about Site and Design Options (79)

1. The following gives information not necessarily in good order, I need to change – later.

2. HOME LINK – shows home link in Nav Menu – Tick or untick   ? action

3. The bottom of the Home Page – shows NO index, No follow, and No archive.

(Need to find out when to use.).

4. The Nav menu can use Menu – WordPress or … Which does what.

5. In Design Options – alters the page list in colour at the top of the page menu.6. Link Background colour alters the page.

7. At present,when page selected it shows yellow – find name of the “text”.

8. Link Hover – Purple and changed to green. When pointing to a page, it shows the colour.

9. Multimedia Box – shows a picture (image)

10. Options – Header can change the font.

11. Tag line colour – Tag = second line.

12. Inherited from body can increase the size of the font.

13. Tag Line occurs underneath the page heading.  ??

14. In custom file editor –   .custom a: hover {background:  // (add the name of the colour). This recording changes the hover colour for headings, headlines and links.

15. 7A6D48 = what colour

16. F2e627 = what colour.

17. Sidebar – to change the colour behind the Sidebar – >custom #sidebars {border – top; background: eOabca: use edccb6:  (= salmon)

18. Design Option Footer White space between menu items – .custom .name .tab {margin right: 1 em:

19. I em = 10 px


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