How to open a PDF document (65)

1. Click on the “My Computer Icon”.

2. This action opens up a page with the various drives listed in the right-hand side.

3. The left-hand side shows three sections headed respectively – System Tasks, Other Places, and Details.

4. Select the drive required (probably the C drive) by highlighting it. Right click on it.

5. A menu opens with “Open” at the top.6. Click “Open” and a long list of folders appears followed by a long list of files.

7. The left box now shows – System Tasks, File and Folder Tasks, Other Places, and Details (of the drive selected).

8. Find the desired file by right clicking on the appropriate folder(s). Each right click will open up a menu with “Open” at the top. Highlight the “Open and click it. Sometimes it will prove necessary to open more than one folder to reach the desired file.  Sometimes the desired file will not exist in a folder and will appear in the long list of files.

9. Select the pdf version of the file

10. Right click on the pdf file.

11. A menu appears with the top item showing – “Open with Adobe Reader X “.  #

12. Left click this top item and the pdf version opens.

# For this procedure to work, your computer must have downloaded the free copy of the – “Adobe Reader X” program.

A Procedure that does not work.


13. Select a Word file and open.

14. Click the selected file and use “Save as” approach.

15. Use the save-as panel at the bottom of the page.

16. Scroll through the menu items and highlight PDF.

17. Click Save.

18. Go the selected file and select the pdf version.

19. Click “Open” and the File conversion page opens – not the selected file.


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