How to use WordPress Forms (74)

Dashboard Options

1. The Dashboard shows “Forms” followed underneath by Edit Forms, New Forms, Entries, Settings, Import/Export, and Updates.

2. A click on Forms and a page called Edit Forms appears. Next to the Edit Forms a box in grey exists called – Add New

Edit a Form

3. The Edit Form page shows a list of all the existing forms.

4. Move the cursor to the name of a form and the following appears in blue – Edit, Preview, Entries, Notification, Duplicate, and Delete.

Create a new form

 5. Click on “add ne” and a new form page appears.. The top line shows Form Editor, Form Settings, Notification, Entries, and Preview.6. A click on Entries may show “This form does not have any entries yet.”

7. Click on the “Add New “box that follows “Edit Forms” at the top of the page.

8. The page shows “Untitled Form and some other material (“We would love to hear from you……shortly”) appears. In the following paragraphs, the phrase “the material” covers the words in the brackets in this paragraph.

9. Move the cursor to the material and a dashed line box appears that surrounds all” the material”. It has “Edit” and “Delete Form” at the top right.

10. Clicking “Close” closes the Form Settings page.

11. Click “Edit” and a blue-bordered form appears. called “Form Settings” plus the material ON the far right icons for “Close “and Delete Form” exist on the same line… Next the box shows the material.

12. On the next line the following three options appear – Properties, Advanced, and Confirmation

13. The properties section shows a title followed by “Untitled Form” and the material

14. The Advanced option shows a Form button with the next line showing Default and Image with radio buttons besides each one.

15. The title panel allows the deletion and addition of material. In the panel.

16. Any material entered in the panel appears both in the panel and at the top of the page just under “Form Settings”.

17. Near the bottom of the form, the title “Label Placement” exists. It has a menu with three options – Top Alignment. Left Alignment, and Right Alignment.

18. Click the blue box titled “Save Form” that appears at the bottom of the page. This box appears at the bottom of each of the three options listed in paragraph X

19. A white page appears that states – “You have successfully saved your form” – with four options – Preview this form, Set up Email Notification for this Form, Continue Editing this form, and Return to Form List.

20. A Preview shows the material entered – “Edit this form”.  In addition, it opens with four options – Continue Editing, ……………..,   …………., and ……….. .

21. It also shows the field options on the right starting with “Single Line Text.

22. Click “Paragraph Text” and a box open “Untitled just above the box.

23. When the cursor goes into the box, an inner faint box appears Plus “Edit” and “Delete” at the top right.

24. A blue=edged panel opens.  The cursor can delete and insert material.

The Drop-Down Option


25. It opens a page that shows “untitled” followed on the next lines by first choice in a box formed by a faintly dottedline.

26. Then Update form.

27. Move cursor into the area and at the top right shows Edit and Delete

28. The next line shows two panels – Properties and Advanced. The non-operational one appears in grey.

29. The field label shows Untitled without the “the material”.

30. The next lines show First choice, Second Choice and Third choice/

31. At the start of each of these three rows, radio buttons exist. ON the far right two small circles exist.

32. The first one includes a plus “+”. The next one includes a minus “-“.

33. A click on the Plus for any one row adds panel below the chosen row.

34. The minus deletes the name in the panel.

35. Click in any of the radio buttons and a green dot appears in it. The dot can only exist in one of the rows at a time.

36. A panel below shows “Bulk Area and …

37. Bulk has ten options starting with Countries, US states and down to Job Type and industry.

38. Click on any one of the ten options and the selected choice appears in the choice area.  It will list all of the options from any one of the ten options.


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