How to transfer Excel to Word (73)

1. Use cursor  to select the excel  section to transfer.

2. Click Edit and then Copy

3. Open the word file that you want to contain the excel material.

4. Click Edit and select Paste Special.

5. A Paste Special box will open with a white space in the middle with six lines of material.6. Click on the top line that states – “Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object” and blue line will appear around the line.

7. Click “OK” (the top right hand button) and the selected material appears in the selected word document.

8. Click somewhere in the material  (e.g. top right area) and small black squares appear at the top left and the top middle.

9. Move cursor over the black square (top left) until a small line with arrow heads at both ends appears. Drag this arrow head diagonally (down and to the right). The release. Repeat this dragging until the small black square on the top RIGHT appears. This action means the that the material fits on the page from the viewpoint of width.

10. Move to the bottom of the material to check if all the required material shows. If not, move cursor to the top middle small black square and drag down.  Repeat this dragging until the three black squares show at the bottom.

11. The material shows vertical and horizontal lines. However they do not print when printing the material


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