How to scan documents (70)


1. Go to Navigator and click to open.

2. Click the Scan/Import icon on the top left…

3. Click photo/documents situated about the middle of the page.  This action should open a three step page. However nothing happens if any step clicked.

Go to the Printer.

4. Push the Scan button in the middle row and a new window shows a menu of document and photo.

5. Push OK and a new menu appears6. Select – “Save to PC” that appears at the top of the menu.

7. Push down the “colour” button (middle bottom button) and it should start to scan after some seconds delay. (A whirring sound indicates scanning occurring.)

8. When scanning finished the computer screen shows a “Save” page and the middle part shows the document scanned. The screen shows the image with a small box at the bottom labeled IMG jpg. (Note – “jpg” indicates a picture document.)

9. Click OK to start.

10. Right click the document scanned and a menu appears. Click “menu” at the top of the menu listing.

11. Click Save.

12. Right click on “Document” and a menu appears that offers “Select the Image” and also “Copy”.

13. Click Copy.

14. Go to the left panel (called “View and Use) and scroll down to find the appropriate folder to open.

but how do you find a file within the folder

Open the file and click paste to place the document on to the page.

i cannot find out how to actually put the document scanned on to a page



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