How to play DVDs (68)

  1. Go to the DVD Player.
  1. Press left-hand button (in the group of four buttons on the left) – to Turn on the power.
  1. Press the tray button (the button on the right in the group of four buttons) – to Open the tray.
  1. Insert the DVD into the tray.
  1. Push in the tray – gently – to close the tray.
  2. The DVD player should show “Load” and then show “Play”.
  1. Obtain the TV remote.
  1. Press TV to – turn on the TV.
  1. Press “Menu” (in the centre of the remote). It shows a menu starting with Digital Favourite List.
  1. Scroll down to “External Input” by using the down arrow on the black part surrounding “+”
  1. Press the middle “+” button. A new menu opens with HDMI Device Selection at the top.
  1. Scroll down to “Video 1”.
  1. Press the middle button – “+”.
  1. Obtain the other remote – the LG one with the straight top.
  1. Press the power button located at the top left…
  1. Press the middle button called – “Enter”.
  1. Wait – and the DVD will play.

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