How to put the results of a game on to a Web Site (55)

1. Receive an email with an attachment. about results of bowls games

2. Download attachment and put into a folder called “Attachments”the issue

3. Attachments appears at the top of the downloads.

4. Click and a page opens with folder task on the side.

5. The right hand box shows Attachment A and Attachment B6. Click on Attachment A. The File Download page appears asking, “Do you want to open this file?

7. Click “open” and the file changes (or its name changes) to “Results 26.9.11”. .

8. Right click on “Results 26.9.11” and a menu appears with three options.

9. Click “Open” and the File Page opens.

10. Close this page leaving Download page and Folder Tasks.

11. Open the club web site in edit mode. (I have not recorded how but can if you want.)

12. Click on the “Page”: Add new Media”.  The Upload New Media page opens…

13. Use the Browser Uploader” form.

14. Click “Browse”.

15. Find the attachments folder and highlight the file “Results 26.9” (I have renamed from Attachment A)

16. Click Open and the Upload new Media page now shows the details of the file in the previously empty panel.

17. Click “Upload” on the right of the Browse word. The page does not appear to change.

18. IN Dashboard, click “Media Library” and a new row now exists in the Library showing “Results 26.9”

19. The “Attach to” column shows “(Unattached)” and immediately below “Attach”.

20. IN the Dashboard, click “pages and move to the page – “Results – SATURDAY”

21. Click “Edit “and the Edit page opens for this page.

22. Move the cursor a couple of lines below the top of the page

23. Click the “Add Image” icon. A page opens with three tabs. Click the third one “Media Library”.

24. The Media Library page opens with a “Show” at the end of each item (row).

25. Click a relevant “Show “for the selected file. The “Add an image “page opens and shows details of the file.

26. Click “None” in the Link URL Line.  (Not sure what I should click.)

27. Click the desired alignment. – Centre

28. Click “Insert into Post” panel at the bottom.

29. A small box appears on the selected page.  (Not the desired page of information )

30. Positioning the cursor over the box and it shows “Results 24.9”

31. A left click on the small box puts nine small boxes around it.

32. A right click opens a menu with Cut, Copy, Paste, and Image Properties.

33. Click Update’

34. Click “View Page” but it does not show the small box.

35. Note – the Media Library now shows “Results 24.9 in the “Attach to” column.


36.  In case it helps, the attachment comes from an Access file . The User can only send to others if he scans the file. In that process he can choose TIFF, DMF, and one other ending that I have forgotten.

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