How to get into the Union Theatre Information Site (60)

1. Click on the following –

2. It opens a site called MU Student Union House On line.

3. Five tabs exist at the top starting with …

4. Click on the one called Arts and Leisure.

5. It opens a site with many pictures.6. On the top row at the far right, a photo exists called Union House theatre

7. Click on the photo.

8. It opens a page called Union House Theatre

9. The right hand column has a heading – “Contact.

10. The heading “Explore Union House Theatre exists below it.

11. Scroll down four sections until “Archive” reached.

12. Click this item and t opens a page called M U Student Theatre Archive – on the right.

13. It has a line of tabs underneath a picture starting with “Home”.

14. Click on the fifth item from the left called Play List

15. Click the last one called Student theatre Archive.

16. One of the sections shows “Play List.

17. The top of the page has each letter of the alphabet as a “heading”.

18. It also shows a list of all the plays that start with an “A”.

19. A date shows after the name of each play.

20. Click “R” to find a long list of “Revues”.


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