How to change the Weight and Type of a Line in an excel diagram (57)

How to change the weight and type of a line in an excel diagram. (57)

1. Move the cursor to an existing line.

2. The cursor changes to a Plus with four small arrow heads

3. Click and small circles appear at each  end of the line.

4. This action opens the Drawing Tools format at the top of the screen.

5. Right click on the line and a menu opens.6. Click again if the menu does not open on the first click.

7. The top option on the menu shows “Cut”.

8. Click “Cut” to eliminate the line.

9. The bottom options shows “Format shape”

10. Click on this option and a panel called “Format Shape” opens with a menu on the left.

11. Click “Line Style” in the left menu and the right side shows various options.

12. “Width” has a box with a figure inside it followed by “pt”. This figure allows for changing the weight of a line. Any change in the number immediately shows on the line.

13. The option “Dash type” allows the choice of different dashes and any selection shows on the line selected.

14. Click “Line colour” in the left menu and various options open. One option allows for the choice of colour for the line.



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