How to change the colour of various aspects of pages-posts in a Web Site (58)

How to change the Colour of various aspects of pages/posts in a Web Site. (58)

Open the site in edit mode.

Go to the dashboard,

Click “Design Options.”  A page called “Thesis Design Options” opens

Note the green save button appears at the top of the page.The following table shows the various options for colour variations and where they apply.

No Name Action
B o d y     a n d     C o n t e n t      A r e a
1 SiteBackground Colour A thin line of colour  on both sides of a page
2 Page Background Colour. Background colour for each page
3 Primary Text Colour Colour of the text.  Use white and the bottom black.
4. Primary Link Colour Colour of any link recorded.
N   A   V
5 Link Text colour Colour given to each page title.
6 Link text hover colour The change in the page title colour when cursor moved over it.
7 Current link text colour Colour of page name when the page opened.
8 Current parent link text colour Page Name
9 Link background colour ?? background colour of page name
10 Hover background colour ? cannot find
11 Current  background colour Page background colour when the page opens.
12 Current parent background colour The colour of the page name when cursor moved to it.
13 Nav border colour   ?
H   e  a  d  e  r
14 Header Text Colour Name of the site.   Colour changes when hover.
15 Tagline Text Colour. Colour of subpage title. No change when hover.

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