A procedure for processing Hirings (54)

1. Start a new Folder called “HIRINGS”

2. Add a file (excel) to the folder that provides an empty form for Hirers to complete.

3. Add a file (excel) called Summary of Hirings.

4. Prepare a contact list called Hirings that includes   Secretaries of the Sections and the Indoor Group, the Bar Manager, the Greens Director, and whoever decides who will look after the hiring .

5. At present, the Chairman (David Ogilvie) and the Executive Officer (Ray Harman) find a Hiring Supervisor for a particular hiring.   (I think)

6. The potential hirer should send back the completed hiring form.

7. Save this form to the hiring Folder and change the name of the file to …Hire of Facilities followed by (a) the name of the Hirer and (b) the date of the hiring.

8. Thus, the folder will eventually have a file for each hiring.

9. Delete the relevant file when the hiring date passed by (say) a month. Keep for a month in case of any problems.

10. Use the contact list to prepare an email for all the people on the hiring list and attach the completed form as an attachment.

11. Ask people on the list to approve or otherwise the particular hiring.

12. Confirm with the Hirer that the hiring can proceed – or not

13. Ask for a Deposit of $100 by cheque made out to the Blackburn Bowls Club. (and send a copy to the Finance Manager).

14. Ask the Hirer to use the Post Office Address (NOT the club address).

15. Add the hiring details to the Summary of Hirings form.


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