A procedure for processing Hirings (54)

1. Start a new Folder called “HIRINGS”

2. Add a file (excel) to the folder that provides an empty form for Hirers to complete.

3. Add a file (excel) called Summary of Hirings.

4. Prepare a contact list called Hirings that includes   Secretaries of the Sections and the Indoor Group, the Bar Manager, the Greens Director, and whoever decides who will look after the hiring .

5. At present, the Chairman (David Ogilvie) and the Executive Officer (Ray Harman) find a Hiring Supervisor for a particular hiring.   (I think) Continue reading


How to put the results of a game on to a Web Site (55)

1. Receive an email with an attachment. about results of bowls games

2. Download attachment and put into a folder called “Attachments”the issue

3. Attachments 2011_09_29.zip appears at the top of the downloads.

4. Click 2011_09_29.zip and a page opens with folder task on the side.

5. The right hand box shows Attachment A and Attachment B Continue reading

How do I check my Email in my Web Browser (56)

Type in your web domain with the extension/webmail, e.g. www,yourdomain name.com/webmail.

When the prompt comes up type your full email address (you@yourdomain.com) in the user field, and your password (for that email account) in the password field.

 You are then taken to a mail reader selection screen where you choose which email you want to use. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, though Round Cube is the newest.

How to change the Weight and Type of a Line in an excel diagram (57)

How to change the weight and type of a line in an excel diagram. (57)

1. Move the cursor to an existing line.

2. The cursor changes to a Plus with four small arrow heads

3. Click and small circles appear at each  end of the line.

4. This action opens the Drawing Tools format at the top of the screen.

5. Right click on the line and a menu opens. Continue reading

How to open a Questionnaire in Word (59)

1. Download the file.

2. A small oblong should exist at the top left

3. Put the curser on the oblong and left click on this oblong and eight very small black oblongs should appear at the edges of the small oblong.

4. Right click with the curser on the small oblong and a menu should appear that includes “Worksheet  Object” with an arrow to the right.

5. Click  the arrow on the right and it shows three options. Continue reading

How to create a PDF file (61)



1. Highlight a set of notes .


2. Click Open  (bottom right).


3. Click “File” (top left).  A menu opens .


4. Click “Save as” and …….


5. A panel at the bottom has “File Name” and the name of the notes in the the panel on the right.


6. The next panel underneath has the words on the left of the panel – “Save as type”

And a menu arrow on the right of the panel.


7. Use the arrow to move down the menu until “PDF” appears.


8. Highlight “PDF” and the page shows optomise at the bottom.


9. Choose the middle option that states “Bitmap textwhen … may not be embedded.


10. Click “OK” at the bottom


11. Click “Save”.


12. Click file and go to the name of the material it should have the name of the notes with a pdf icon on the left of the notes.






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