How to change the order of Posts (48)

Section A – Preparation for changing the order of posts.

1. Print out a copy of the material in the order desired.

2. Select a group of items at the top.  (e.g. ten items)

3. Enter a month and a day (e.g. Feb 4) beside the top item

4. Number the group of items from the bottom upwards starting from “1”. (e.g. 1 to 10 inclusive)

5. Enter the next earlier month and day (e.g. Feb 3)

6. Repeat paragraph 4.

7. Enter the next earlier month and day (e.g. Feb 2)

8. Repeat paragraph 4

9. Repeat paragraphs 7 and 8 until the completion of all items in the material referred to in paragraph 1.

Section B – Changing the published date for each Post.

10. Open the post in edit mode.

11 Note –  The posts exist in date order with the most recent date at the top. If two posts have the same date, the hours and minutes printed determine the order. The highest hours (and minutes) will appear first.

11. Go to the right side to the heading called “Publish”.

11. If only the panel with “Publish” inside it exists, roll over the end of the panel and a very small arrow shows.

12. Click the arrow and four items appear.

13. The third item states – “Published on”’

14. After these two words comes a date,”@”, and a time.

15. The word “Edit” in blue appears after the time.

16. Click “Edit” and a month appears followed by an arrow.

17. The arrow allows selection of a month

18. The next line shows a number of panels and boxes.

19. After the month an arrow exists that show all 12 months.

20. Click the desired month and it appears in the panel.

21. The next panels show the date of the month and the year.

22. Next comes “@” and then two small boxes that show the hour and then the minutes.

23. The panels and boxes  after the month option allow for manually typing in different years,hours, and minutes – after using backspacing to delete any existing numbers

24. The year must have four numbers. The hours and minutes must use two numbers.

25. Click “OK” on the next line to lock in any changes. The changed figures appear after “Published on”.

26. Click Update” to update the post.

27. The post now shows the changed date appears at the end – in the form yyyy/mm/dd.

28. It shows the word “scheduled” underneath the date.


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