How to change the order of Posts (48)

Section A – Preparation for changing the order of posts.

1. Print out a copy of the material in the order desired.

2. Select a group of items at the top.  (e.g. ten items)

3. Enter a month and a day (e.g. Feb 4) beside the top item

4. Number the group of items from the bottom upwards starting from “1”. (e.g. 1 to 10 inclusive)

5. Enter the next earlier month and day (e.g. Feb 3)

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How to add “Return to top of Page” Instruction to a Post (47)

1. Open Edit and copy the following formula –  <a href=”#content” title=”Return to Top of Page”>Return to top of page</a>

2. Change the page view from Visual to HTML

3. Move cursor to the bottom of the page

4. Use Edit to paste the copied formula

5. The words “Return to top of page” (in blue) in the edit version appear.

5. Click “Update”

6. Click View Post

7. Go to the bottom of the post and check that the words – “Return to  top of the Page” exist.

8. Click to check that a transfer to the top of the page occurs