How to remove Pages/Posts from a Site (20)

For a Page that has Material on it.

1. Open the site in “edit mode”; i. e. the word “Dashboard” will show on the top left.

 2. On the right of a page the words “Move to trash” appears in red.

3. Click to remove the page.

For a Page that shows that a “404 error” exists for the page.

4. Go to the dashboard menu.

5. Scroll down the menu to “Appearance” and the sub section “Menus”.6. Appearance exists about nine items below Posts on the Dashboard menu. It has four sub sections – Themes, Widgets, Menus, and Editor.

7. Click “Menus”

8. A page open that shows a list of all the pages in the site.

9. Each page has a small black arrow on the right.

10. Roll over the arrow and the words “Edit Menu Item” appear.

11. Click the arrow and a panel opens that has “Remove” in red on the left.

12. Click to remove the page.

13. Note this operation will not work unless the blue “Save Menu” small panel clicked.

14. This panel exists on the right at the top and the bottom of the list.


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