How to create a PDF Document from a Word Document. (42)

1. Highlight a set of notes (the selected notes).

2. Click Open (bottom right) and the highlighted notes will appear.

3. Click “File” (top left).  A menu opens.

4. Click “Save As” (the second item in the menu). The “Save As” page opens that has the name of a folder at the top and a list of files.

5. A panel at the bottom has “File name” and the name of the selected notes in the panel on the right.

6. The next panel underneath has the words on the left of the panel – “Save as type” with a type listed in the panel (e.g. Word Document) and a menu arrow on the right of the panel.

7. Click the arrow and a menu opens. Use the cursor on the bottom arrow to move down the menu until “PDF” appears. Highlight “PDF” with the cursor and click.

8. The “Save as” page opens with a list of files and the name of the selected file in the File name panel near the bottom

9. Below the Save as type panel, a ballot box exists that allows the opening of the file after publishing if a tick added. Click the box to add a tick. Click the tick to delete the tick.

10. Below this ballot box option, two options exist with words on the left “Optomise for:”

11. Click the bottom radio button that shows “Standard (publishing online and printing).

12. Click “Save” at the bottom and the selected file opens.

13. Click the “save” icon at the top left (next to the “W” icon).

14. Click file and a menu opens. Click “Open” and the Open page appears with the name of the folder at the top and a list of files.

15. In the list, the selected file should still exist followed by the same file with a pdf icon on the left.


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