How to add a JPG file (attached to an email) to the Media Library (16)

1. Open the email.

2. Check that the attachment  rates as a jpg file.  Possibly the Sender has stated that it does fit into this class.

3. Click “Download” – underneath the image usually.

4. A panel called “Download 1 attachment” opens.

5. A smaller panel in the middle shows the name of the file (e.g. Teams Round 40001.jpg). Thus, it shows that the file does rate as a jpg one.

6. Click “Continue” at the bottom.

7. A page called “opening followed by the name of the file opens.

8. This page has two options – (a) “Open with” followed by a panel that states “Browse “and (b) “Save File”

9. Click the button for “Save file” and then click OK.

10.  Click “Download

11. Repeat Paragraphs 4 to 10

12. Click “Open with”. Click the word “Browse”.

13. This action opens a panel called –“Choose Helper application.

14. It has the words “Send this item to:” followed by a menu of options.

15. Click “Firefox”. (However, some Users will need to check “internet Explorer”).

16. Click OK and the actual file appears on the page.

17. Click “File” (top left) and a menu opens.

18. Click Print. However first check the need to adjust the scale at the top. In general, use 90% or 100% or “Shrink to fit”.

19. Click that the white panel at the top shows “Portrait”.

20. Click “Print “and the Print page opens.

21. Click OK and the page prints.

22. Adjust the setting if the print size unsatisfactory.

23. Click “Close” to close the print mode.

24. Click “X” at the top right. In addition, a blank page opens.

25. Click the windows icon on the keyboard – possibly two in from the left at the bottom.

26. Click “My Documents and the first page that open shows a list of folders.

27. Click the “Downloads” folder and a menu opens.

28. Click “Open” and a list of files appears.

29.Find the desired file that exists in a jpg form and higlight it.


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