How to install Ghostscript (40)

1. Use the following link –

2. A page called “Opening gs871w32.exe “opens.

3. Click “Save File”. A Downloads page opens that show the loading of gs871w32 (a No. possibly) exc.

4. Right click and a menu opens. Click “Open”

5. A page called Open Executable File opens.  Click “OK”

6. A page called “Open file – Security Warning” opens.  Click “Run”

7. This action opens a page called “WinZip Self Extractor gs871w32.exe”.

8. It has the options of Setup, Cancel, and About.

9. Click Setup and a page called “GPL Ghostscript Setup opens.

10. It has panels – “Install to the Directory” and “Add shortcuts to” plus other items.

11… Ensure that the “Install to Directory contains – “C\Program Files\gs\bin (or” C\Program Files\gs8.71\bin) in it followed by a panel called browse.

12. Click Browse and a Select “Folder” page opens.

13. It has about 20 items in a menu.

14. Scroll down the menu to “[gs871w32.exe]”.

15. Highlight and click OK.

16. The page – “GPL Ghostscript Setup opens.

17. Click “Install”. The menu scrolls quickly through a number of files.

18. The Install to Directory now shows – “C\Program Files\gs”.

19. The GPLGhostscript” page appears again.

20. It shows the following two files (a) Ghostscript 8.71 and (b) Ghostscript Readme 8.71.

21. The first file has a few lines. The second opens an Overview of Ghostscript.

22. Open Contenta Converter.

23. Select a file to convert and click “open”.

24. The page “”Configure Ghostscript still appears. – or does it?


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