How to add, or edit, Users. (3)

1. Open a Web the Edit mode.

2. Open Dashboard.

3. Click on “Users” that exists on the menu on the left near the bottom. A page called “Users” opens. It shows all existing Users.

Add New User

4. To add a new User, contact the person involved and obtains a password that the person selects.

5. Click “Add new User “that exists on the right of “User” at the top of the page. A New User page   appears.

6. The page shows a series of panels.  Add relevant information as required by each panel – including (a) the email of the User and (b) the selected Password.

7. Near the bottom, the words “Send Password” exist in a panel. On the right, a box exists with the words “Send this password to the new User by email”. Click the box to add a tick and obtain action.

8. The next words on the left show “Role”.

9. The Menu offers the following options – Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

10. Each option allows the User to carry out a variety of actions. The order shows a decreasing number of actions (capabilities) with Subscriber having almost none.

11. Use a Search box to enter – “Codex + Roles and Responsibilities” to obtain information on the capabilities for each role.

12. The next words show “Add New User.” in blue.

13. Click this blue panel and the action (a) accepts the new User or (b) it shows one or more red panels that indicate information required in the designated panels.

Edit an existing User.

14. The list of Users shows a box beside each User.

15. Click the box to add a tick and edit that particular User.

16. Move the cursor to the name of a User and the options “Edit “and “Delete” appear.

17. Move the cursor to the Administrator and only “Edit” appears since the Administrator cannot delete himself.

18. Click “Edit” and a page called “Edit User” appears.

19. A heading “Personal Options” introduces a variety of options.

20. They include the options of changing (a) the role of the User and (b) the User’s password.

21. Click the blue panel at the bottom left called “Update User” to ensure that any changes operate


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