How to add an image to a page – from four different Sources.(1)

1. Open the page/post into which to insert an image.

2. Select the area into which to insert the image

3. Click the “Add image” icon that exists immediately after the words “Upload/Insert”.

4. A white page opens with the heading – “Add media files from your computer”

5. Above this heading, the following four tabs exists – From Computer, From URL, Gallery (plus a number in brackets), and Media Library.

From Computer.

6. Click the “From Computer” tab.

7.  A page opens that has the heading – “Add Media files from your Computer”.

8. On the next line, a panel exists followed by the words – “Browse” Then the words” Upload”, and “Cancel”. follow.

9. Click “Browse “and it opens the folders and files on the computer.

10. Click a file and “Open” and the reference to the file appears in the browse panel.

11. Click “Upload” and material appears below with a small picture on the left and the following details – File name, File type, Upload date, and Dimensions.

12. The small picture has “Edit Image” in a panel. below it.

13. Click these words and it allows editing of the image in certain aspects. They include – “Image Crop” and “Thumbnail settings”. Each of these headings has a “(help)” option. Click “(help)” and it gives details of the options available.

14. Click “(help)” to close the Options.

15. Below and to the left the following items exist – Title (that shows the name of the file), Caption plus a panel, Description plus a panel, “Link URL that shows the URL reference.

16. Underneath three panels exist with the words – None, File URL, and Post URL.

17. ClickNone” and the link URL disappears.

18. Click “File URL” and the link details appear. Click “insert into post” and the name of the file appears in the page.

19. Click the name of the file and a box appears called “Opening – plus the name of the file.

20. Click OK and the file appears.

21. Click “Post URL” and the Club web site opens showing the page previously selected for the insertion of an image.

22. Click the page name with the smaller type and the opening page appears.

23. Click OK and the file appears.

24. Another panel exists below the three panels (See paragraph X). It has the words “Insert into post” followed by the word “Delete”.

25. Click “Insert into post” and a link appears on the page with the name of the file. .

26. Click on this link and the name (only) of the file appears in a site page.

27. Return to the Dashboard and click Add New Media.

28. A page called – “Add Media files from your Computer” – shows a row containing – Media, Order, and Actions followed by a row showing All Types, Images (pus a number), and a panel stating “Wallpaper3”

29. Click “Insert into post” and the image will appear.

From URL

30. A click on this tab shows “Add media files from your computer followed by “Insert an image from another web site.

31. The following items appear.

32. Image URL – plus an obligatory panel

33. Image title – plus obligatory panel

34. The following additional items then exist – Alternate text, Image caption, Alignment (Radio buttons allow for a choice between None, Left, Centre, and Right.), Link Image plus a panel followed by None and Link to image.

35. Click File URL and then “Insert into page”.

36. Click Post URL and “Insert into Page.  And the actual site opens. It shows the name of the file on an unknown page of the site.

37. In both case the name of the file appears. Click “Find file” and the page opens.

Media Gallery

38. Click this tab and a page opens that shows a list of all the gallery items with the three headings – Media, Order, and Actions.

39. Each row that shows the name of the media item has an empty box at the end followed by the word “Show”.

40. Click “Show” and a white page appears with the heading of the selected page with a picture on the left and opposite the following three items- File name, File types, and Upload date. On the left, the following appears – File (with the name of the file in the panel), Caption, Description, and Link URL followed by a panel

41. Underneath the panel, the following three options exist – ……….

42. Below the list of all the media files a section called “Gallery Settings exists with the following items – Link Thumbnails to – Image file and Attachment page with a radio bottom before each.

43. Below and to the left the following items show – Title, caption, and Link URL  with the details existing.

44. Below the material to the right of “link URL, the following options exist – None, File URL, and Post URL Each exists in a panel.

45. Click “none” and the material opposite “Link URL” disappears…

46. Click File URL and a lengthy link appears that show the name of the site and finishes with the name of the file.

47. Click Post URL and the name of the site shows plus the attachment “id” number.

48. Next comes “Insert into post” and “Delete”.

49. Click “Delete” and the statement appears – “You are able to delete (followed by the bane of the file) and then continue. Click “Continue” and it will delete the file.

50. Note the number inside Gallery will decrease by one.)

51. Next follows – Order Images by a menu with the options – Menu order, Title, Date/Time, and Random.

52. Next comes Gallery columns with a menu option that offers from one to nine inclusive followed by a panel called “Insert Gallery”.

53. Click “Insert Gallery” and gallery columns = 1 appears in a square on the page.

Media Library

54. This page shows a panel on the right followed by “Search media”.

55. The left side shows “All types and “images” plus a number in brackets.
56. The next line has a menu with Show all dates and the current month and year.

57. Next a picture exists with the name of the picture.

58. On the right, the word “Show” exists.

59. Click “show” and the picture shows

60. On the left the following shows – Edit Image, Title, Alternative Text, Caption, Description, Link URL,  followed by – “None”, “File URL”,  and “Post URL” File name, File type. Upload date, and dimensions.

61. Below the picture, “Edit image” exists.

62. The picture has various symbols above it. Their naming states what they do/

63. On the right, a panel exists with the words – “Scale image” in it… Click and advice pops up.

64. At the bottom the following exist – None, File URL, and Post URL plus alignment and size details

65.  At the bottom, the words “Insert into post” and “Delete” exist.

66. The following exists after “Alignment” – None, Left, Centre, and Right.

67. Size has the options – Thumbnail, Medium, Large, and Full Size. (Usually avoid Full Size since it takes up more room than one page and requires movement of slides to view all parts.

68. Click “Insert into Post” and the selected page opens.

69. A window will appear asking “Add media files from your computer”.  (What causes this action to occur???)

70. Below these words a panel exists followed by the word “Browse”

71. Click “Browse”. A window will appear called “Documents Library”

72. Select the image by clicking on it.

73. Click “Open” at the bottom right.

74. This action will mean a return to the page called “Add Media files from your Computer”.

75. Click “Upload”

76. The image and its description will appear at the bottom of the window.

77. Choose how large to make the image.

78. Click the panel called “Insert into Post.


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