How to add an Image to the Media Library. (15)

1. Open a site in the editing mode.

2. Go to the Dashboard menu and go down to Media.  Click “Add New”.

3. A page called “Upload New Media “opens.  The page will open in one of two different forms – Form One – Browser Uploader or Form Two – Flash Uploader.

4. The new WordPress version (3.3) offers a faster method.  Ignore the next two forms (approaches) and go to the section called Form Three (paragraph 29).

Form One – Browser upload.

5. A page called Upload New Media opens.

6. It shows an empty panel with “Browse” beside it followed by “Upload “in a panel.

7. The third line states – “You are using the Browser Uploader. Try the “Flash Uploader instead.

8. Click “Browse” and it opens the “File Upload” page that allows access to various folders that allows access to all folders and files through various routes (e.g. “Desktop” allows access to “Local Disk (C))

9. Highlight a file and click “open”.

10. The panel on the left of “Browse” now shows the reference to the selected file.

11. Click Upload and the file appears in the Media Library.

Form Two – Flash Uploader.

12. If the words “Flash Uploader” (in the third row) appear in blue. Click them and the page shows four rows.

13. The first row has the words – “Choose files to upload” followed by – Select Files” in a panel followed by “Cancel Upload” (in faint print) in a panel.

14. The fourth row states – “After a file has been uploaded you can add titles and descriptions”.

15. Click “Select Files and a page opens that has the title “Select files to upload by the name of the site selected (

16. This page allows access to all drives, folders, and files by clicking on various icons at the top right after the line that starts with “Look in”.

17. Select a file by highlighting it and click “Open”.

18. A large panel opens with “Hide” on the top right in its own panel. Beneath, in a large panel, details of the selected file appear.

19. The words “Save all changes” exist on the panel below.

20. Click “Hide” and a small empty panel opens with the word “Show” in red at the right.

21. Click “Show” and the material described in paragraph 18 appears with the word “Hide” in red at the top right.

22. A small panel called “Save all Changes” exists below the larger panel.

23. Click a file and open and reference to the file appears in the previously-empty panel.

24. Click: Upload” and the file appears in the Media Library.

25. Click “Save all changes” and the Media Library opens. The selected file appears in the first row.

26. In the “Attached to” column opposite the just-loaded file, the two words “Unattached” and “Attach” exist.

27. Use the procedure called – How to Insert/Attach a file from the Media Library on to a page (No 5) to load it into a selected position in a selected page.

28. However this approach will not show the actual material on the selected page unless the file rates a jpg



Form Three.


29. Open the page “Upload New Media”.

30. The next line after the page heading shows a long sentence. At the end, a link called “Switch to new uploader” exists in blue.

30. Click the link to switch to the new Uploader,

31. The Upload new Media page opens with a panel surrounded by a dashed oblong.

32. The middle of the panel has the following –

Drop files here


Select files.

33. Click “My Documents.

34. A page opens that shows a list of folders.

35. The sixth folder from the top shows the folder “For jpg files”.

36. Highlight the folder “For jpg files “.

37. Click the folder and a window opens with a listing of the jpg files.

38. Click on the desired file(s).

39. RIGHT click and hold the desired file and move it to the space on the right.

40. The name of each file moved to the space appears below the panel.  The word “Show” exists on the right for each file.

41. Click “Show” and a copy of the material in the selected file appear on the left with sections on the right that start with File Name.

42. At the bottom of the page, click “Save all changes” and the Media Library opens. It shows each of the transferred files as “Unattached”.

43 Use Procedure 5 – How to add a file from the Media Library on to a page – to change the unattached to attach (to a specified page)


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