How to add a Form to a Page/Post. (17)

1. Open a page in editing mode.

2. Place cursor in the position for the start of the form.

3. Click the icon called “Add Gravity Form”’

4. A page called “Insert a form” opens.

5. It contains a panel with an arrow on the right.

6. The panel has in it the words “Select a Form”.

7. Click the menu arrow and a list of forms appears.

8. Highlight the form selected and the name of the highlighted form appears in the panel.

9. Click “Insert Form” (at the bottom left).

10. A page opens that shows “[gravityform id=”9” name = (the name of the form)]”

11. Click “the “source” panel at the top left.

12. Replace the " with “

13. Click “Save” and “Leave Page” or Click “Update” the page

14. Click View page.

15. The page should show the form.


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