How to obtain entrance to – Edit a WordPress Page/Post of the Blackburn Bowls Club. (11)

1. Click to obtain entrance to the web site. (This link exists for information only. All sites have two forms. One does NOT allow making changes to the site. The other form does allow editing. The one that allows editing occurs as the next link.

2. Click and a page opens.

3. The page has the heading “WordPress” with a large panel underneath.  This panel has two smaller panels. The first one “requests” a “Username”; the second a Password.

4 When adding a new User, the Administrator of the site requests the new User to select a password and send to the Administrator. The Administrator chooses a User name.

4. The correct entry in each of these two panels opens the site in editing mode.

5. It shows “Dashboard” at the left underneath the black row.6. A menu underneath “Dashboard” allows a variety of options for editing the site.

7. Other notes cover the use of various aspects of the Dashboard.


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