How to change a Password. (12)

1. The action to open a web site opens a page called “WordPress”.

2. It has a panel that asks for a Username and a second panel that requests a Password.

3. Beneath this panel, the following words exist – “Lost your password”.

4. Click these words and a different WordPress page opens.

5. It requests a Username or an Email address..

6. Enter an email address.

7. Click the blue box below with the words – “Get new password”.

8. Another WordPress page opens that states – “Check your email for the information link”.

9. Ignore this instruction and close the window by clicking the large “X” at the top right of the page.

10. Open the internet and the mail section.

11. It will show FROM – “WordPress” and the SUBJECT – “[The name of the site] followed by – Password Reset. Click to open this item.

12. It contains several lines that suggest that the Reader can ignore the need to reset the password.

13. Next it shows – “To reset the password visit the following –

14. The next line shows a long link…

15. Click the link and the WordPress page opens with the top of the page stating – “Enter your password below”

16. It includes two panels – (a) New Password and (b) Confirm New Password.

17. Enter the new password in the two panels.

18. Click the following blue panel that contains the words – “Reset Password”.  The same page returns with the panels empty.  At the bottom, an option to return to the site exists.

19. Click and the web site opens.


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