How to createa Iink (pdf type) to the heading of a set of Notes. (4)

1. Open a web site in a form that allows editing, (To do so will require knowledge of a User Name and a Password.)

2. If done correctly, the site will open with the word ”Dashboard” at the top left. Underneath “Dashboard” a menu exists.

3. Move the cursor down the menu to highlight “Pages” and click. This action opens a list of pages. For “pages” in this procedure read “posts” as well.

4. Move cursor to the desired page and four options will appear.

5. Click the first option – “Edit”.  This action will open the selected page with the heading – “Edit Page”

6. Highlight the heading of a set of notes.

7. Click the Link icon (about the middle of the second row of icons) and a panel called “Link” opens with four options at the top.

8. Click “Upload” (the third option) and an empty panel opens followed by “Browse” in a panel.

9. Click Browse and the computer’s folders open.

10. Find the desired set of notes.

11. RIGHT click the pdf version of the notes and a menu opens

12. Click the second option – “Open with Adobe Reader X” and the notes appear.

13. Click “X” (top right).

14. This action opens a page called File Upload”. It shows the name of the folder and a list of the notes in the folder.

15. The bottom part shows two panels – File Name (with the name of the notes in the panel) and Files of Type.

16. The second panel shows “All Files”.

17. Click “Open” at the bottom right.

18. A link page opens which shows in the upload panel the name of the folder and the name of the notes – below the word “Upload”.

19. Click the blue panel named “Send it to the Server”.

20. It changes to “Browse Server” in a blue panel.

21. Click OK at the bottom. This action opens the desired page (See paragraph 4.)

22. Click the “Save” icon (First row and second from the left.). This action opens a panel called – “Are you sure?”  Click the “Leave page” – the smaller panel at the bottom.

23. As an alternative, click “Update” on the right (if available).

23 The Edit Page appears. It  has a “View Page” immediately below the page name.

24. Click “View Page” and the page opens.

25. Move the cursor to the heading of the relevant set of notes and click.

23 The desired page will open – IF the link made correctly.


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