How to add a File from the Media Library on to a Page/Post. (5)

1. Open a site in the edit mode.

2. Go to the Dashboard.

3. Click Pages. A list of pages opens. For all these instructions “pages” include “posts”

4. Scroll down the list until the page appears into which to add the file (image).

5. The words – Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, and View appear underneath the name of the page.

6. Click “Edit” and the Edit Page opens for the selected page. It has three rows of icons underneath the words – “Upload/Insert.

7. Locate the cursor in the position for the placement of the file.

8. Click the “Add an Image” icon – the first icon in the row beginning “with “Upload /Image.  .

9. A page called “Add an Image” opens with four options at the top. Click the last one called “Media Library”.

10. The Media Library opens that shows all the images.

11. The left side offers the option of viewing “All types. Click and the library shows all types of files.

12. Click Images and the Library shows only images.

13. Below these options a panel exists that includes “Show all dates”. An arrow on the right allows the choice of Show all Dates and individual months.

15. Click “Filter” to action the choice made.

On the right of filter, page numbers exist. They allow the opening of a particular page to find a particular image.

List of Items

Below the filter, a list of the items exists.

Each item has the actual image (thumbnail,), the name of the file, and “Show” at the end of the line.

To insert an image”


17.  Click “Show”.

18. The image page opens. It shows a variety of information starting with “File Name”.

19. On the left of this heading, an image of the page exists. It has “Edit Image” underneath.

20. Click “Edit Image” and it opens the actual file. On the right, the following sections exist – -Scale Image, (plus help), Image crop (plus help), Thumbnail Settings (plus help), and “Apply changes to: “

21. Click “Scale Image” and it shows an explanation. It has two panels that include numbers followed by “Scale” in blue.

22. Change the numbers and the size of the image changes…

23. Click Save image” and the explanations disappear.

24. Click “(help)” beside the Image crop and it explains the various options.

25. Click “Thumbnail Settings and it shows the details about cropping.

26. The bottom section “Apply changes to:  offers three options as to where to apply any changes made.

27. Underneath the image, two options exist – cancel and save.

28. Click cancel and the image disappears.

29. Next, a variety of material exists with the headings – Title, Alternate Text, Caption, Description, Link URL, Alignment, and Size.

30. Link URL has three options on the right on the next line. – None, File URL, and Post URL.

31. None allows the insertion of a URL. The next two offer preset options.

32. Alignment allows the position of the file.

33. Size allows the choice of Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full Size.

34. The choice of Full Size means that the material will take up more than one page and will require the use of slier b as to look at all the material. Probably it will prove better to use Large in most cases.

35. The bottom has the two options Insert into post and Delete.

36. Click Insert to put the material on to the selected page.


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